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What is riba-x?

The leading sensational Social-Commerce platform that provides an intelligent user-business-service provider connections. Riba-x is where you search for and connect with people, products, services or any other item of interest. You also have access to Communities that matches your areas of needs, interest and lifestyle where you have fun with posts and pictures.

Riba-x is where business meets fun. The platform addresses the most pressing aspirations of over 60m businesses; making available the most relevant connects for desired needs. We provide access to innovative technology and tools, enabling a cost-competitive and sustainable pathway to market for products and services. In Riba-x you are in an ecosystem of limitless connections, with a common bond of trust that will propel your business to unimagined growth and value returns.

Why riba-x?

Extending Your Access

Extend the reach and coverage of you businesses, products and services through communities of shared interests and resources.

Redefine Your Presence

Intelligent search and connect engines links you with the most-value adding customers.

Ease of Connections

Simplifies complex connects and transactions for you at the onvenience of your devices.